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Fine Vintage, Collectible & Investment Guitars 1961-fender-stratocaster-fr.jpg 61fr1.jpg 61fr3.jpg 70p4.jpg 61fr2.jpg 61fr8.jpg

Great feeling and looking 1961 Fender Stratocaster from 1961. Old Fiesta red refinish that has aged nicely and looks quite convincing. Under the guard is straight no routes, no changed pots…its all there which is not found often!.It has the typical early 1960’s shallow neck profile that I love and the nitrate guard is un cracked. Its light and resonant and has no grooving to the fretboard and plays well up and down the neck. The tremolo back plate is a replacement and the original arm is missing, it does come in its original case however that is in excellent shape. We don’t see good players pre CBS Stratocastera often these days so I wouldn't snooze on this one

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