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This rare Gretsch Country Club from an estimated run of maybe 5 total in 2 tone Banboo/copper mist paint scheme and marked “Special” on its label is about as cool as it gets. Past owners…not including me! Include Roddy Frame and maybe Bo Diddley!?! Who knows, not enough detail in the surviving pictures to be sure, but the odds are good! I have always liked clubs, I think the 17 inch body with Dynasonic pickups makes for a unique tone, they seem to have more of a growl than their ever popular brother 6120. The guitar is in surprisingly good shape for an ex road guitar but has had some changes over the years,namely the bridge has been changed and a Bigsby added whilst with Roddy. Now reverted to its original tailpiece but the Bigsby is included in the original tweed case. Action is low and the guitar plays as smooth as silk…why oh why did I let this one go!